Residential Program


The Sirius Resident Program offers opportunity to live at the community and participate in its life without necessarily having to take on the full responsibility of membership. Residents live in staff housing (subject to availability), and may participate in our community meal plan, our bulk foods buying coop, and the full range of our recreational events – movie nights, dances, talent shows, coffee houses, and more. They also have full access to our various facilities – the wood-fired sauna, our hiking trails, sweat lodge, labyrinth and dipping pond.

The program includes instructional modules designed to orient residents to our protocols and philosophy. This instruction comes from monthly evening classes. Residents thereby become familiar with our essential practice of meditation and its application to consensus and conflict resolution.

Participants also pitch in for four hours a week, usually on Saturdays, helping out with various community chores or perhaps working in the gardens or on one of our building projects.

The program fee varies to some extent in accordance with which staff housing units are utilized. In general, however, the cost is more or less equivalent to what one would ordinarily pay to rent comparable housing elsewhere in the region.

You may download a Sirius residency application here

To send in a copy of the application, or more information, contact:

Linda Reimer
72 Baker Road
Shutesbury, MA 01072

or email