Holistic Health Fair

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December 7, 2014 @ 10:00 am – 5:30 pm
Sirius Community
72 Baker Road
Shutesbury, MA 01072
Expo is free! For workshop pricing options, see below
Meghan McAuliffe

Experience an exciting array of holistic health offerings from local practitioners. Sample healthy elixirs, get a chair massage, and relax while connecting with community in our lounge/ exhibitor room. Learn ways to integrate deeper healing into your life with a selection of workshops and classes focused on holistic health topics from yoga and energy healing to herbalism and nutrition.

Entry to the Expo is FREE! See below for pricing for optional workshops, sauna, and lunch!

We are currently accepting applications for holistic healing practitioners to sign up to rent a table!


for detailed workshop descriptions, scroll down.

11:30a-12:45pWHOLENESS ENERGETICS with Deborah WilsonWILDERNESS SAFETY with Peter Neville
3:45p-5:00p YIN YOGA with Meghan McAuliffe MEDICINAL TREES with Ellen Evert HopmanBUILDING DEEP IMMUNITY WITH HERBS with Jade Alicandro Mace


(admission to expo is free, bring money or pay ahead for workshops, sessions, lunch, and/or sauna access)

PRE-REGISTRATION PRICES (pre-register below):

Full-Day Pass–$75, Includes: 4 workshops, organic lunch, and sauna access

Half-Day Pass–$48, Includes: 2 workshops, organic lunch, and sauna access

Single Workshop–$18


Full-Day Pass $85, Includes: 4 workshops, organic lunch, and sauna access

Half-Day Pass $55, Includes: 2 workshops, organic lunch, and sauna access

Single workshop $20

Lunch $8

Sauna $5


Pre-register for discounted prices:


If you are a local holistic health practitioner interested in either renting a table fill out our Practitioner Sign-Up Form . Deadline has passed for workshop proposals. Table rental sign-ups will be accepted until slots are filled.


Workshop Descriptions:

Vinyasa Yoga: Balancing Opposites in Ayurveda Molly Kitchen

Come discover the alchemy between flow and form in this alignment-based vinyasa class. In yoga as in life, we are always balancing opposites–light and dark, expansive and contracting, fast and slow, warming and cooling–to discover the combinations that balance us. In this class, we’ll explore how these opposites (called the “gunas” in Ayurveda) can help us become more aware of ourselves, and better able to find the equilibrium that serves us both individually and as communities. Some prior yoga experience is best.

Molly Kitchen (RYT 200) has been teaching alignment-based yoga with joy and skill since 2009. She has completed more than 450 hours of Teacher Training, specifically studying Anusara Yoga, Purna Yoga, vinyasa flow, non-dual Tantric philosophy, and Ayurvedic herbal and lifestyle practices. With creative sequences and clear instruction, her classes combine physical rigor with attention to detail, balanced by humor, mythic stories, and a discerning spiritual philosophy. Her highest aim is to empower her students to utilize their own innate wisdom, both on and off the mat. As a yogi, herbalist, dancer, gardener and lover of the natural world, she encourages her students to integrate the yoga practice into every aspect of their lives. She is the owner of Molly Kitchen Yoga + Wellness, a business that serves the community with herbal products and Molly’s individualized wellness consultations. Her website is: www.mollykitchen.com.


Holistic Approaches to Autism and other Sensory “Disorders” Katie Moffett

Katie will offer her unique perspective and insight gained from her work as an Autism Specialist in Early Intervention and her work as an herbalist and Reiki practitioner. She will combine her understanding of the underlying causes of “dis-ease” and her knowledge of the body and its innate healing ways to offer helpful suggestions on how to nourish the body, mind, and soul of those individuals living with a sensitive sensory system. In this co-collaborative learning experience, we will look at the body and how nutrition, herbs, movement, and energy can offer holistic supports to bring the body back to wholeness…to where it’s always been…perfect. Our discussion will start at the roots, looking at the digestive system and ways that nutrition, herbal, and energetic supports can help maintain and restore balance in our guts. We will also discuss the nervous system and ways to cultivate more peace and balance through the use of herbs and mindfulness practices. We will look at manifestations of an off-balance nervous systems such as anxiety or agression and offer tools to support and nourish this sensitive body. We will also look at self-care practices, especially for caregivers and discover ways that we can nourish ourselves through the food we eat, the herbs we use and the practices we undergo. Through the integration of our bodies, minds, and spirits, we can restore balance in our beings. Join Katie as she shares her love and passion for this growing community and offers support while building connections and sharing the medicine of the Earth. Together we will breathe, move, and make medicine!


Wilderness Safety Peter Neville

Peter with teach participants a safe and humble way to journey into the wilderness during all 4 seasons. With this knowledge they may experience silence and nature as a way of returning to themselves and integrating back into a system many feel so separate from. The workshop will cover clothing types and warmth, understanding terrain and weather in relation to shelter building, basic safety equipment and orienteering.


Introduction to Wholeness Energetics Deborah Wilson

In this workshop you will experience the power of Wholeness Energetics and learn some simple tools you can use right away to heal and transform your life. Experiential practices will teach you to remove barriers to expanded awareness and to see your old “story” with new eyes—from a higher, more holistic perspective—where your external reality reflects back your true nature…Love. Wholeness Energetics is a system of Energy Medicine developed by Deborah Wilson based on her vast experience in applied kinesiology, Eastern philosophy, and the science of the human energy field.


Honoring Our Cycles: Self Care for Women’s Health Kristen Avonti

An introduction to holistic ways of caring for yourself during your moon cycle, including the use of herbs, nutrition and meditation.


Unbelievable…Tools, Tips, and Tricks to Transform your Beliefs, your Life, and the World Kate McConnell and Roger Ingraham

The Unexamined Belief is not Worth Living… In this introspective and interactive workshop, we will look closely at both personal core beliefs and the unexamined assumptions of our collective culture. Upon close examination of these “assumed truths” and their impact on your lived experience, you can decide if these beliefs are beneficial or detrimental, what their emotional pay off is, and if that makes them worth keeping…or not? Believe it or not, we DON’T have to believe everything we think… Thank Goddess! Based on the understanding that we are the stars and co-authors of our conscious experience, we will also explore how to craft a “reality” based on a belief system that reflects back infinite states of vitality, joy, fulfillment, wholeness and love. For the grand finale, you will start to rewrite your new story based on your revised beliefs. Get ready to experience a Whole New World! Ready or not…


Making Fermented Foods: Sauerkraut and Dosas Trevor Ring, Nash Patel, & Leda Scheintaub

Fermenting foods is a traditional food preparation method that helps restore gut health. Trevor will teach the basics of fermentation and how to make the simple classic: sauerkraut. Nash & Leda, owners of the Dosa Kitchen food truck in Brattleboro, will teach how to make dosas– delicious fermented rice-lentil crepes!


Yin Yoga Meghan McAuliffe

Meridians & Mindfulness: An Exploration of Your Embodied Mind through Yin Yoga. Your mind is more than your brain– its your whole body! In this Buddhist-inspired yin yoga class you’ll get a taste for a bigger, deeper sense of your body’s intelligence through practices of mindfulness and awareness. Yin yoga consists of floor poses that are held for a longer period of time than most yoga classes to get deep into the connective tissues and energy meridians.


Medicinal Trees Ellen Evert Hopman

Slide show presentation and discussion about the spiritual and medicinal properties of trees.


Deep Immunity with Herbs Jade Alicandro Mace

The herbal tonics, also known as “adaptogens,” have long been prized for their ability to support and build deep immune health, vitality and vigor. This workshop will introduce participants to this extraordinary class of herbs, showcase their uses, and demonstrate how to best incorporate them into daily practice. Special focus will be given to adaptogens that grow here in our bioregion or are easily cultivated in the garden.