Sirius Community Annual Fund

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Being the Change: An Oasis of Sustainability and Spirituality since 1978

Dear Friends of Sirius Community,

We are thrilled to share that we have even more projects, educational programs and group events happening here at Sirius. It is because of your steadfast support, holding true to being the change of sustainability and spirituality, that we are making a difference TOGETHER!

Gemma, a Sirius Immersion Program 2014 participant says:

At Sirius, I’ve been able to authentically live out the values I hold so close to my heart – stewardship, accountability, sustainability, and love within a community… Here, I am able to reawaken the childlike wonder that unlocks my ability to perceive the magic of everyday and the sacredness of everything.

Where do my gifts go?

Permaculture Class

Permaculture course held at Sirius Community.

Your giving inspires all of us here onsite to carry on co-creating and maintaining every facet connected to the four pillars of Sirius Community’s Mission: Spiritual, Ecological, Communitarian, and Educational.

Your giving helps us support our ecological focus and sustainable living in harmony with Nature. We use non-toxic bulding materials, organic gardening methods, composting toilet facilities, and vegetable oil for fuel, along with solar and wind generated power.

Your giving helps us start new energy eco-projects as well as maintain what has been created: educational programs and tours, bio-diesel fuel coop, off-grid energy production, organic gardening, Community Center for hosting group events, and new post & beam, strawbale greenhouse!!

Most of all your giving reminds us of our incredible ever-present community of steadfast support – you!


Join Us!

We invite you to join us in serving our common purpose of expanding consciousness and creating a positive and sustainable future. Help us continue this vital work.

Inspired by you with heartfelt gratitude from all of us at Sirius Community.

If you’d like make a donation by regular mail, please download and fill out gift form with a check or money order made out to “Sirius, Inc.” and mail to:

Sirius Community
Attn: Annual Fund
72 Baker Road
Shutesbury, MA 01072

Many blessings!

Sirius is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit approved by the IRS, tax ID number 04-2652930.

Why Sirius: 40 Years of Serving our Future

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For the past 40 years, Sirius has been a place of hope and positive vision for the future, dedicated to changing the world by changing consciousness.

An experiment in loving, cooperative living and attunement, Sirius is a demonstration center of a more conscious way of life. Whether we are meditating, resolving conflict, creating alternative energy systems, maintaining our buildings and grounds, or cleaning composting toilets, we are building a new consciousness of cooperation, co-creation and peace.

In a world facing major economic and ecological challenges, we know our work is now more important than ever. Tens of thousands of visitors have come to discover what Sirius has to offer. New models of ways to live in harmony with each other and with respect for all life are essential. Sirius is such a model, a part of the solution, and an inspiration for others.


Clay preparation for strawbale greenhouse.

Clay preparation for strawbale greenhouse.

We consistently and quietly serve and yet our mission ripples out globally.

Over the years, we’ve hosted, shared community with, and cultivated pioneers and leaders in the fields of sustainability, spirituality, and community: ten years of Living Routes courses, several hundred permaculture graduates, and many more programs. We’ve been the birthplace of conscious companies like Katalyst Kombucha and we’ve been called “home” by many pioneers of sustainability, like the developers of the successful UMASS permaculture program.


Hope & Inspiration to be a part of the solution:

Tens of thousands of people have visited Sirius.
They have found hope, inspiration, and a new way of living.

In their own words:

“Thank you for opening my eyes to a whole new way of seeing the world.”
“I am a very different person than I was when I arrived. Thank you for planting the seed.”
“Words can’t begin to express my gratitude for your community, the magic and the inspiration.”
“With transformed perspectives on spirituality, gratitude, community and day-to-day life, I leave here as a new wise more developed being in a way I could have never imagined. You have my eternal thanks. I can only dream of helping a being the way the community has helped me.”

Permaculture class building a cob bench.

Building the New:

Last year, in early August, we placed the final center stone in our stone circle on the day of the heliacal rise of thestar Sirius. This completed our many-year spiritual vision of the Sirius stone circle, in the tradition of power spots like stone henge.

Our mission continues as we pioneer further into sustainable energy and extended food sustainability. We are currently fundraising to complete the project of our 10 megawatt 140 ft tall wind turbine that will power the entire community center. We are also constructing a 20x 80 Greenhouse in the Lakshmi garden.

The wind generator is part of an important bigger project: the Sirius Sustainable Resource Center (SSRC) that will bring together our wind, solar and alternative fuel systems. The SSRC will provide a model and an educational tool for teaching others wanting to develop their own community alternative energy systems.

For us, sustainability means more than just a commitment to alternative renewal energy; we choose sustainability in every aspect of our lives: Read More in this archived Brochure.