40th Anniversary Gala

Celebrate with Us!

Sirius is Celebrating 40 years of Conscious Community and Building a Better Future!

Please join us as we create the vibrant future of Sirius! Now is a great time to take action, get involved, and provide support for Sirius — a unique and long-established role-model for individuals and communities aspiring to create positive change on the planet.

Honoring our past, our founders, and everyone involved in the community over its first 40 years, we now build on that foundation, move into the future, and invigorate each pillar of our four-fold mission with concrete, innovative improvements:

Spiritual Renewal:

At a time when many are feeling stressed by divisiveness in the world, we intentionally foster deeper understanding of the interconnectedness of all life. We work to inspire people to live according to their spiritual and ecological values and to serve as a model for how interconnectedness can be reflected in everyday life.

Eco-Village Sustainability:

Sirius has long provided a model for sustainable living strategies and is currently asking for donations to fund the installation of a new wind turbine and purchase several dozen additional solar panel banks. As an eco-village, we continue to explore new possibilities that will model sustainable energy on our 90 acre facility in western Massachusetts.

Intentional Community:

Community members have been engaged in a process of renewal since 2017 to integrate the best of the community’s rich 40-year history with a plan for the future. We are revitalizing our commitment to the successful principles that create fulfilling interactions and collaborations, shared activities, and a vibrant sense of shared community. We will continue to provide a model of conscious community that upholds the integrity of our four pillars while evolving within a changing global context.


As a 501(c)(3) educational non-profit, Sirius will continue to offer a variety of public programs to share information and inspire others in increasingly relevant domains related to sustainable living – designing and building off-grid energy systems, permaculture methods, and integrative healing approaches.

Be a part of the solution and create positive change.

With your support, we will grow our impact.

Your contribution makes it possible!



Please SAVE-THE-DATE for the:

Sirius 40th Anniversary Gala

September 21-23, 2018

Come for the whole weekend of events, September 21-13 or

Enjoy a full day of community activities, Saturday, September 22

Watch for more details coming soon!